The iff offers numerous services for consumers, companies, banks and courts. The services offered range from legal and economic expert reports, advising banks on the process of implementing greater transparency and customer-friendliness, to product development and advice on legislative initiatives on a national and international level:


Legal and economic private expert reports

In preparation for negotiations and disputes with financial service providers in the areas of capital investment, loans and payment transactions.


Accounting services

Review of contracts and financial services for consumers and businesses, invoicing accuracy, calculation of damages.


Product development consulting

Testing of consulting quality and customer-friendly product and sales design for financial service providers.


Teaching concepts

Conception, implementation and supervision of school projects on financial literacy.


National and international financial services conferences

Networking forum for suppliers, consumer organisations, academia and political representatives.


Workshops for banks and financial service providers

Seminars for providers of financial services and consumer protection.



Processing of information on behalf of companies, associations and authorities.


Expert reports for courts

Expert reports on the calculation of damages, prepayment penalties and interest adjustments.


iff training and seminars

Advanced training for lawyers (specialist solicitor for banking and capital market law), debt counselling, supervisory authorities and consumer associations on current legal issues, quality standards and the use of software.


Consumer and product tests

Implementation of tests for public clients, banks and media for self-analysis or publication e.g. for Stern, Capital, WISO and the European Union.


Information services

Creation of informative newsletters on legal and economic issues from daily practice – fast and practice-oriented.


International and European law consultation

Analyses and studies on the current legal framework and practice of consumer protection in various countries.


Providing support for legislative initiatives

Consultation and commentary for future and existing EU member states, international overview of new approaches to legislation and practice in various countries.

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