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We are a non-profit research institute that has been conducting research for over 30 years on behalf of various public clients at national and international level, consumer associations and private companies. Since our foundation, we have been committed to promoting access to financial services and focuses primarily on financially vulnerable consumers, especially the self-employed and over-indebted.

Our aim is to provide innovative and transparent financial services that are adaptable to the individual reality of each and every consumer while also taking into account economic, environmental and social aspects. Our work is characterised by a practical and at the same time scientifically founded approach, an interdisciplinary approach, proximity to consumer associations and an international perspective.

We develop the principles and instruments for a socially and ecologically responsible monetary economy and advocate a socially just economic system. Building on product analyses, consultancy tests and scientific reports and studies, we offer consultancy services, produce software and publish in specialist journals and for consumers. We contribute our results to national and international committees, expert conferences, expert hearings and the media. In addition, we organise symposia for the exchange of information between different interest groups and for further training.

In 2016, the founder and long-standing director of the iffProf. Dr. Udo Reifner, resigned both as deputy director and as director, as did the board member Prof. Marlis Dürkop-Lepthin. In mid-2016, Dr. Dirk Ulbricht took over as managing director. Shortly thereafter, the iff also received a new board of directors, Udo Philipp and Prof. Dr. Ingrid Größl, and a new deputy board of directors. As Dr. Dirk Ulbricht stepped down at the end of September 2019, Dr. Sally Peters took over the management. The appointment of Udo Philipp as State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance of the State of Schleswig-Holstein was unfortunately also entailed his resignation from the iff Board of Directors. In December 2019, Claudia Rutt was therefore elected as the new Chairperson of the Executive Board.