International Financial Services Conference

The iff has been organising national and international conferences on financial services since 1989. The aim of these events is to encourage dialogue between service providers, consumer and debt advisors as well as experts from the fields of science, media and politics. The iff seeks to make its contribution by promoting the exchange of different perspectives, focusing on the customer, strengthening consumer protection and providing essential impulses for research institutions, consumer and financial service providers and governmental authorities.

The following topics were covered during international conferences in the previous years: “Sustainable Finance” (Hamburg 2020), “Transparency – a step back or reform?” (Hamburg 2019), “10 years of the financial market crisis” (Hamburg 2018), “Reform of the reform – how to avert poverty in old age” (Hamburg 2017), “Digitisation in customer relations” (Hamburg 2016), “Banking regulation: Too much – too little?” (Hamburg 2015), “Misguided incentives in financial services?” (Hamburg 2014), “On the way to demand-oriented products?” (Hamburg 2013), “Shaping the future with financial services” (Hamburg 2012), “Fairness and responsibility?” (Hamburg 2011), “Financial service providers and consumer protection – two worlds” (Hamburg 2010), “Responsible lending” (Brussels 2006), “Non-discriminatory access to financial services” (Gothenburg 2000), “Regional responsibility of financial institutions” (Strasbourg 1996), “Security of banks” (Bergamo 1993) “Over-indebtedness” (Birmingham 1992, Hamburg 1989).

The iff is supported by partners in organizing the annual conference on financial services. These include consumer advice centres, universities, banks and savings banks as well as representatives of the media. The national and international speakers come from ministries, associations, providers, the media and academia.

The iff also offers its experience for the conception and implementation of national and international events on financial services topics. As part of the ECRC network, the iff supports the organization of conferences in other countries.