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The iff employs an interdisciplinary research team consisting of lawyers, economists, sociologists and educational scientists, which, under the direction of Dr. Sally Peters, conducts basic and applied research in the financial services sector. In doing so, we are committed to supporting companies, associations, politics and legislation, as well as to identifying social and economic problems and solutions and to aligning companies and associations with the interests of clients, social responsibility, consumer protection and sustainable development in the financial services sector.

We can offer our own research topics or implement research topics of clients in a professional, fast and comprehensible manner. This is due to our comprehensive archive, established cooperative networks with a large number of scientists in Germany and abroad, regular scientific conferences, as well as reliable industry contacts and the ability to combine empirical facts with legal and political requirements in an economically sound and compatible evaluation.

The spectrum of research work ranges from (short) expert opinions to individual inquiries such as

  • increasing the quality of counseling,
  • creating general terms and conditions,
  • developing specific financial products from small loans to retirement provisions, and
  • the problems of access to the bank account,
  • designing “mini-branches” for banks in underserved regions,
  • the development of IT computing and consulting programs

to comprehensive research projects on mediation in the case of non-performing loans for start-ups, on alternatives in the promotion of vocational training, construction financing for threshold households, etc.

Clients in the research field have so far included consumer associations, foundations, the European Commission and OECD, federal and state governments, political parties, banks and savings banks, insurance companies, international organisations from the financial services sector as well as press and broadcasting. A list of previous partners and/or clients can be found under references.