Equity Release Schemes

Title/Titel Projekt 1305: Research Grant Action on “Integrating residential property with private pensions in the EU”
Principal/Träger European Commission, DG Employment
Year/Jahr 2015–2017, ongoing
Contact/Ansprechpartner Sebastien Clerc-Renaud
Description/Beschreibung In this research grant (under the programme “Promoting the contribution of private savings to pension adequacy”), iff together with University partners from 6 EU Member States (Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, UK) will explore housing assets and pensions. The work will be to analyse the forms of housing asset conversion and assess market potential and the legal framework in the Member States. The objective will be to suggest a standardised product that can be sold cross-border with consumer safety features and with adaptation to national specificities and to legal, tax and regulatory framework. The research will focus on the needs of old age pensioners with regard to financial liquidity and income needs of homeowners, the expenditure savings of homeownership in retirement, and other important aspects that determine living standards post full-time working lives. The research will seek to answer the following questions: To what extent can housing assets be used as a source for private pensions in retirement? How could such products be designed and supported by commercial, non-profit and state led initiatives? How can such products be part of household retirement planning options?