Organised in Brussels by ECDN, EFIN and the ​EESC on December 12th 2014 is a long awaited conference to discuss Overindebtedness in Europe. The main piece of the event is the discussion of the soon to be published 2012-2013 Study on Overindebtedness by DG SANCO. All the key stakeholders are expected to attend. The conference programme is being elaborated and the main topics for discussion are in this draft programme. 

The European conference will be organized in partnership with ECOSOC (European Economic and Social Committee) and EFIN (European Financial Inclusion Network).
You may find useful the last ECOSOC’s opinion about the consumer protection and appropriate treatment of over-indebtedness to prevent social exclusion
(at the bottom of the page here in different languages and with previous work of the EESC on the subject).

Save the date and register next month. We hope to see you there.

ECRC Secretariat